Molly & Kristine have been best friends for over 35 years. Together they are the co-founders of Matters That Matter. They are passionate about the importance of women connecting with and supporting one another. Their mission is to inspire all to live according to their own deeply held values and priorities by bringing courage, contentment and grace to life.

They co-authored the book Letters to Our Daughters(Beyond Words; Hyperion). Once upon a time this beautiful book was featured on the Oprah Show. It is a collection of 44 letters from women around the world, to their daughters. It illustrates the common threads that connect us as women in-spite of our differences.

Molly Davis is a highly successful corporate trainer. A gifted teacher, she combines practical strategies and real life stories with humor and heart. She adores her family, worn blue jeans, horses and cowboy boots.

Kristine Van Raden is an accomplished artist & masterful storyteller. Her artistic insight brings depth, compassion and creativity to their message. Nothing makes her happier than time with her tribe and endless hours in her studio with a welding torch and a paint brush.

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